8 am – Registration and Continental Breakfast
9 am – Opening Keynote
9:45 am – Break
11:00 am – Morning Break-Out Sessions
12:15 pm – Lunch
1:15 pm – Afternoon Keynote
2:15 pm – Break
2:30 pm – Afternoon Break-Out Sessions
3:30 pm – Break
3:45 pm – Afternoon Break-Out Sessions
4:45 pm – Break
5:00 pm – Party with engagement showcase & live music


Can Money and Meaning Coexist?
Join a panel of people who have found sustainable financial business models that reinforce their values without having to sacrifice financial returns. Hear stories of transformed communities, families, and systems that are the result of individuals whose values fueled their economic behaviors – not the other way around.

Significance – Aligning Your Values with Your Work
You do not have to quit your current job to find meaning or have a healthy inner life. Hear from people who are finding ways to live out their values in their current places of work while making a difference both inside and outside of their workplace.

Small Steps to Accelerate the Good Economy
The failures of consumerism and corporate greed fill the nightly news. Our struggling economy has us looking for a new model. Hear from panelists who are making small every day changes (individually and corporately) to create people powered capital. Learn how you can identify your values and align those values with how you use their money.Learn how you can overcome our unconscious consumerist behaviors (specifically within home, transportation, and food expenses) and partner with your neighbors for a more equitable future for all.

When to Give and When to Invest
“To make the structure of capitalism complete we need new business models – ones that recognize the multi-dimensional nature of human beings” – Muhammad Yunis

It is often assumed that you are either a philanthropist or a capitalist. This is not the case. Come discuss how our “two pocket mentality” (we have one pocket that gives money and the other pocket that makes money regardless of the means) is insufficient if we are going to accelerate the good done in the world. Learn how supporting social enterprises and investing for social good can increase your impact on the world.

Social Entreprenuership 101
Many people believe if they want to do good work in their community the best thing to do is to give of their time or money. A new generation of change-makers sees strategic investment in social businesses as a way to promote change in a sustainable way. Come have conversations about our economies existing structures and how some people are acting a new way to create systemic change.

Boston: The Cradle of Innovation
Boston is one of America’s oldest cities but is proving to be a key player in creating the future of our economic systems. Come hear about innovative Boston based ideas, organizations, and policies that are changing the way that people do business. And hear how you can get involved!